Koli Cultura Tree Parkland will be planted with birch species of the climate zone as reminder of the history of slash-and-burn agriculture on the  Koli area. The different birch species create a refreshing park with subtle variations. Trees will be planted to remind special events and acts for culture and environment in honour of visits made to the park.


In the future, trees will be planted in group by species. Tree circles that will be planted during celebration years and named according to events will give the park a special feel.


ENO Peace Park


The first circle of birches was planted at international day of peace, 21th September 2010, and it is the first part of ENO Peace Park. Trees were planted in a circle on top of a hill in honour of the creation of the Koli Cultura Tree Parkland and the ten year anniversary of the ENO enivronmental online. There will be a slow-growing space reserved in the middle of the circle of birches. This space can be occupied with benches and used as a place where visitors can stop and rest.


Read more about ENO environmental online


Pop Forest


Planted in 2011 co-operation with Popmuusikot ry (Ilosaarirock) and UNESCO's North Karelia Biosphere Reserve.


Koli Forum Tree Planting 1
Koli Forum Tree Planting 2