Sustainable values


Fostering Nature


Koli Cultura lays its foundation on diverse nature. Therefore the fostering of nature is an inseparable part of its operations. Located next to the centre is Koli's ecologically and culturally unique national park, and maintaining these values is the foundation of Koli Cultura’s endeavours.


Promoting nature is also an international mission. Northern Karelia belongs to UNESCO's international biosphere reserve network whose objective is to develop sustainable model areas. Koli is also a part of the diverse Fennoscandian Green Belt which is located along the Finnish and Russian borders.


Respecting Cultural Heritage


From a cultural history perspective, Koli Cultura will be built in a significant area. The Kalevanan tales are very alive in the Karelian woods. Throughout the ages, Jean Sibelius, Eero Järnefelt, Pekka Halonen, Juhani Aho and other significant national figures, especially artists, have travelled to Koli to relax and seek inspiration in nature's bosom.


Throughout the years, Koli has maintained Finnish national heritage's spiritual treasures while conserving its local cultural heritage. The respect for cultural heritage, from a local scale to all of Finland and the world, is a significant starting point in Koli Cultura’s mission. Cultural values are also promoted among the foreigners who visit the centre.


The Appreciation of Humanity


Koli Cultura will be built for people whom respect nature. The centre will receive its guests as individuals while providing a calm sanctuary within the confines of nature. The services provided at the centre respect silence and freedom. The goal is to provide the visitors with a memorable experience through which they can find themselves and the surrounding nature in a new way.


Every individual has the right to clean nature and services that encourage happiness. Receptivity is an inherent part of Koli Cultura's functioning and this is taken into account in all of its operations. The services and information are within everyone's reach.