sustainable model


Koli Cultura will be developed on the principles of international sustainable development as a forerunner of nature tourism. The centre operates as a model solution and as a platform for action in its homeland as well as abroad while developing services near nature conservation sites. The nature sites provide joy to the traveller, and its possibilities have not yet been fully recognized. Nature tourism is also a great way to improve the level of nature conservation.


UNESCO's biosphere reserve activities are an important part of developing a model of sustainable development. The five hundred UNESCO biosphere reserves in one hundred different countries throughout the world can benefit from Koli's holistic model of sustainable development. From the Biosphere Reserve's perspective, holistic sustainability is essential.


It is important for the local community to be able to participate in the planning and use of the natural areas, as well as in the decision-making process to make nature's diverse and sustainable service structure possible. Cooperation is a significant part of the Koli Cultura endeavour. Through successful planning, it is possible to guarantee the wellbeing of the local population without endangering nature's diversity. Koli Cultura supports all of North Karelia province's development and also increases employment.