Koli Cultura's development programme's community building, innovative technology, cooperative and partnership activities have been consolidated into a whole that produces communal experimentation and practical solutions. The people involved in the programme are able to meet the challenges that arise while also doing profitable work for a good cause.


The goal of the development programme is to launch the Koli Cultura centre. The impact of Koli Cultura extends beyond the centre in terms of geography, economy, and the contemporary world. Koli Cultura will be built as a model of sustainable development, which will be used, in the spirit of UNESCO's Biosphere Reserve activities, to develop nature tourism in different parts of Finland and the world.


A broad and receptive cooperation will bring Koli and the entire North Karelia new partnerships and a spirit of positive development, which will spread beyond the province's tourist industry. Koli Cultura covers the entire North Karelia's development programme.