The centre's grounds, estimated at nine hectares, are located right by Koli's national park, at the bottom of Ukko-Koli and in the vicinity of Purnulampi. The service and culture centre are already accessible on the main travel traffic network, outside the park, but also in its immediate vicinity. The centre is in a valley so it doesn't significantly disturb the scenery.


The centre's advantage is its versatility. It is a fiscal and energy-efficient centre where the operations of sustainable development create an outstanding framework for profitable client service. The centre promotes the wellbeing of the nearby town of Koli and all of North Karelia, thus supporting the social and economic sustainability of a large area. Koli's location in North Karelia, in the middle of Finland and near Russia, provides a diverse natural and cultural product range. The neighbouring sights and experiences are also easily accessible for the traveller.


The nature experiences and the centre's sustainable development innovations solidify the visitors' love for nature and help foster interest in their local habitats. Spiritual perseverance can be aided by nature. You have to visit Koli again!