31.1.2012  |  Koli Cultura opens a New Era for Nature Tourism with a 3-D Animation » Read
30.11.2011  |  The Finnish Stone Centre to Promote Koli Cultura as a Visiting Card around the World » Read
14.10.2011  |  A content production project to be launched for Koli Cultura in conjunction with the City of Lieksa,The North Karelia Educational Federation of Municipalities, the Pielinen Karelia Development Centre (PIKES) and other partners » Read
22.9.2011  |  New Trees Planted at the Koli Cultura Tree Parkland in an International Spirit » Read
9.9.2011  |  Regional Council of North Karelia Has an Active Role in the Development of Koli » Read
22.8.2011  |  American performance artist feels at home in Koli » Read
23.6.2011  |  Koli Cultura to Take Part in an International Project Mapping Green Innovation in the Tourism and Experience Industry » Read
3.6.2011  |  Ilosaarirock Festival to Plant a “Pop Forest” at the Koli Cultura Tree Park » Read
16.5.2011  |  Culmination of the Wood Construction RoadShow at Koli » Read
29.4.2011  |  The North Karelia Biosphere Reserve as a Model of Sustainable Development » Read